Blaine Kelley

is an international EDM DJ/Producer out of Phoenix, Arizona.



Blaine’s career began in 2011 with an unconventional mix of punk, 90’s, and old school party sounds. When fused with present-day bass and electro music, these styles helped inspire the performances you see from him today.




History has proven that great ends are born through harsh beginnings. Upon the passing of his father, Matthew Kelley Ridolpho, Brandon Blaine Ridolpho was determined to inspire others while keeping the memory alive. Thus the idea of Blaine Kelley was born. Blaine’s goal is to keep people singing, dancing, and turning up, no matter what.




Blaine has opened for world renown artists such as Snoop Dogg, Dzeko, tyDi, Joel Fletcher, EC Twins, Saint Clair, Natty Rico, Sam Blacky, and more. Past performances stretched all the way from Mexico to the east coast.